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SCENE QUEEN - Official Trailer


Poster Design: Marc English

"Like MEAN GIRLS on acid!"
-  Ted Chalmers, Summer Hill Films




A video appears on the internet. Two high school girls circle a third with cell phones. They beat her viciously, and post her humiliation for all to see on the internet. Who does this? Why do they do it?


SCENE QUEEN is a 90-minute movie that explores these questions. Teen bullying is nothing new, but the internet has brought it to a global playground.


 Our "bad girl," Ashley, will humiliate anyone who stands between her and internet fame. Our hero, Jess, needs to stand up to Ashley’s bullying—or become a victim herself.


I wrote SCENE QUEEN in 2008 with the intention of shooting it on digital video, for little money. I thought the subject lent itself to a "lo fi" treatment - handheld video, long single takes, available light. The story itself takes what could be a liability - lack of money - and turns it into an aesthetic.


My journey in making this movie has been discovering what a deep chord the subject of bullying strikes for people. Internet bullying is a major problem for teens today, and the response to this project has been overwhelmingly positive and welcoming.


We are in talks with several anti-bullying organizations to help support their efforts through benefit screenings, profit sharing, and other creative collaborations.


Please join our mailing list or contact us if you have any questions about the movie, or want to stay updated on screenings in your area, news and events!


- Janet Harvey





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